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The location of the conference will be:
ROMEXPO Exhibition Centre, H2 Pavilion, Brancusi Hall

ROMEXPO Exhibition Centre, Bucharest
ROMEXPO S.A. is the leader of the Romanian fair and exhibition industry and it combines tradition, experience and quality for the benefit of all exhibitors and specialists who confirm the company's good reputation every year.
The company owns an exhibition centre, known as the ROMEXPO Exhibition Centre, lying on a 100,000 sqm. area.
Ever since 1991 the ROMEXPO SA development strategy has been focusing on three main directions: modernization, diversification, specialization, all combined in an effort for substantial improvement of services both for the exhibitors and for the most demanding specialist visitors.
Every year, ROMEXPO S.A. hosts more than 40 international fairs, exhibitions, commercial presentations and special events which accelerate the complex restructuring processes of national economy, the infrastructure development, modernization, industry re-tech and the computerization of economic and social activities.

more information - http://www.romexpo.ro

is the capital of Romania and, at the same time, the biggest city, the industrial and commercial centre of this country.
The legend says that Bucharest was founded by the sheep man called Bucur. According to other possible alternative, Bucharest city was founded by Mircea cel Batran at the end of the XIV century. The first mention of the locality appears in 1459, on a document emitted by Vlad Tepes, the prince of Walachia. In 1862 it became the capital of Romania.
Since then, it suffers continuous changes, being the centre of the artistic, cultural and mass-media scene. Between the two World Wars, the elegant architecture and its elite made the city to be called “Little Paris”.
At present, its population of over two millions of inhabitants makes Bucharest the sixth European Union capital from the size point of view.

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