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2006 was an exceptional year for INCDTP Bucharest on the scientific, economic and investment planes. The challenges caused by the accession to EU and the integrating into the European research area amplified the efforts at the level of Institute management and specialty departments. The participation in the competitions for obtaining both the internal CDI (research – development – information) funds, and the structural funds reached a remarkable level both quantitatively (project number) and qualitatively (by the approached themes, concluded partnerships, implied economic agents, etc).

The outstanding economic crisis recorded by the textile and garment industry, at the European and the national levels, gave birth to the shift from the “we beautifully and successfully invent” position to the stage where we must exploit the research activity results.

Within this context, the institutional structure of INCDTP is in a perpetual dynamics by way of effecting new activities (design, automation, IT, international cooperation, etc), and also by encouraging the start –ups with the setting up of the business “ITA TEX CONF” incubator.
The creating of certain solid partnerships at country level and, also, the contribution in creating a certain European research space where excellence would be promoted have been performed by means of the integration into the European technological platforms, research networks, professional associations and organizations, etc.

The obtaining, in 2006, of the Creativity Diploma and Trophy, 7th edition, section Research – Education, granted by OSIM, and of the Diploma and 2nd place in the National Top of the Companies, edition 2006, for Research, Development and High-Tech, granted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, demonstrates the fact that INCDTP is prepared to face compulsions and, still, to benefit from the opportunities of Romania’s accession to EU on the 1st of January, 2007.

The paper briefly presents the results obtained in the activity carried out in 2006 by the Research – Development National Institute for Textile – Leather.

The paper is structured as having two basic chapters:
The INCDTP activity report for 2006;
The INCDTP strategic objectives for 2007.

The activity report for 2006 is structured in 16 chapters comprising the results of the basic and connected activities carried out in INCDTP according to HG 1413/2004.
The strategic objectives for 2007 are outlined in correlation with the INCDTP developing strategy for 2007 – 2013 and the horizon 2020.

The report chapters (bilingv, in PDF format):

Table of contents
INCDTP presentation
Research activity
Scientifical events
Publishing activity  
Manufacture of unique and small series products
Activity of services and consulting
The relational frame
Strategic objectives 2007