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eLearning programme for Skills Development in Textile Defects Analysis


SkillTex Project - "eLearning programme for Skills Development in Textile Defects Analysis", financed by the European Leonardo da Vinci, was initiated due to a pressing need to promote specialized instruction.


Project Partners:

CITEVE – Coordinator, Portugal
Citta Studi – Italy
IAT – Polonia
INCDTP – Romania
INOTEX – Czech Republic
STPKC, Swedish TelePedagocic Knoledge Center - Sweden
Textile Centre of Excellence – Great Britain

SkillTex Project includes the results of three European projects for textile and clothing field: SMADETEX (coordinated by CITEVE - Portugal), FIBRIN and QUALITEX (coordinated by INCDTP - Romania) to create an e-learning course that integrates the knowledge acquired in the development of these projects.
The initial projects involved partners from 8 European countries: Portugal, Spain, Greece, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary.


The development of this project offers essential, specialized information referring to the products and processes in the textile industry and to the ways to rapidly identify defects. On the other hand, the use of audio-visual aids, photographs, multimedia graphs shall contribute to the increase of attractiveness of the course and to a better identification and classification of defects using comparative methods.

The main objectives of the project are:

• Contribution to the enrichment of essential knowledge about the defects of textile products in various stages of the technological process and the preventive measures to be implemented;
• Increase of the capabilities of the operators and their stimulation in an ongoing learning process;
• Contribution to the solution of problems that arise between different partners of the production process;
• Promotion of the improvement of the product quality and increase of the companies’ competitiveness;
• Guide for the personnel qualification and training that allows each person to learn in its own rhythm, according to  possibilities;
• A more attractive presentation of the training, using nonconventional resources that are based on information technology.

Skilltex project’s final product is an e-learning course that will be available in 6 languages, allowing to overcome the language barriers. It is important to note that the course is accessible to any person, irrespective of the geographical distance.

The main beneficiaries of this project are the enterprises in the textile and clothing field: companies and employees, students and higher education teaching staff, research centres, producers of equipment and chemical products etc.

The following issues shall be identified:

• In enterprises, the training of operators and the knowledge of the causes of possible defects contribute to a decrease of the number of defects and to ensuring quality and, as a result, the product and company competitiveness increases;
• In universities and technical colleges this abilities development programme offers obvious advantages for student specialization;
• Better understanding of textile processes is encouraged and therefore the technicians in the commercial departments of equipment producers will be better prepared to guide and/or to offer technical support to their clients.