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Textiles waste management - MADETEXTIL



Programme: AMCSIT - EUREKA

Project duration : 14.06.2007 – 14.12.2010

Coordinator: SC Stofe Buhusi SA

The Research-Development National Institute for Textile and Leather Bucharest
“Aurel Vlaicu” University from Arad
SC FI–RI Vigonia SA Timisoara

Main Objective:
Technical-managerial frame establishing of ecological utilization of textile waste and of a flexible, ecological technology in order to processing textile waste into classical products.

1. Elaboration of an algorithm for taking decisions with an ecological impact/ 28.01. 2009
2. Classical/ unconventional technologies of mechanical processing for some textile waste categories/15.09.2009.
3. Establishing of accomplishing technologies of products with recovered fibres content / 1.09.2010.
4. Demonstration of the functionality and utility of processing technologies for textile and leather waste into competitive high added value products, contributions to recycling strategy set up of textile and leather waste/ 15.09.2011.

Study: "Elaboration of an algorithm for taking decisions with an ecological impact"