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New clothing – CAD for the 2D/3D geometric modelling of garments

Program: EUREKA
Acronim: G-CAD

Project summary:
The project aims at developing new modern, rapid and exact design methods and tools for the enterprises from the garment sector, with the help of which these should increase the product quality, the degree of body-product fitting degree and, implicitly, the competitiveness increasing.
The project also has in view the stimulating of the participating of the Romanian SMEs in EURWEKA projects, and the strengthening of the collaboration between the research units and the SMEs from Romania.
As part of the project, there will be developed a new CAD system for the clothing designing, which will also offer a modern and robust 2D/3D geometric modelling medium. The CAD 2D/3D garment system to be developed will not have the anachronous restrictions of the 2D processing, and it will take advantage of the rigorous geometric 3D modelling and the 3D body scanning technology.
In order to fulfil this objective, there will be developed kernel modules for the designing of the garments based on the applying of the conventional designing rules (with standard geometric construction algorithms), the supplementary designing rules (the mathematical defining of all the contour curves), the complete parametering of the pattern, and the establishing of the complete sets of variables and relationships.
This approach implies the automating of the measuring and designing processes as the high number of the anthropo-morphologic parameters and the supplementary designing rules make the conventional geometric construction impossible, even in the interior of the most advanced CAD applications. The new measuring techniques and the specialized designing routines that implement mathematical optimizing techniques approach the garment accomplishing and the virtual fitting.
The virtual fitting is practically the overall testing of the product on the scanned body, especially under an aesthetic aspect, in order to allow the customer to visualize himself (herself) with his (her) clothes on before effectively accomplishing the vestimentary object.

The general objectives and the results estimated to be obtained:
General objectives:
- The designing of a set of three-dimensional anthropometric data that are useful in the garment product designing and fitting;
- The elaborating of garment designing algorithms, designing routines and Kernel Modules that are needed for accomplishing the modular designing and modelling system;
- The elaborating of a modular informational CAD 2D/3D system of garment designing and modeling.
Estimated results:
- Studies, analyses regarding the information, definitions and requirements connected to the rules of garment designing based on the standard and 3D measurements, and analyses regarding designing methods and instruments meant for garment fitting.
- Algorithms of garment designing. Designing routines. Kernel Modules and anthropometric 3D dimensions that are needed for achieving the modular designing and modelling system.;
- Algorithm of modular system of CAD designing and 2D/3D modelling;
- Workshop with foreign partner participation;
- Task book (conditions of contract)/system specification;
- Handbook of system utilization;
- Market study / Diagnosis and prognosis study
- Patent application;
- Report on the economic effects

Coordinating institution:
Address: Buhusi, 36,Libertatii str., Bacau county, zip code 605100
Telephone: +4 0234 261001
Fax : + 4 0234 265917
e-mail: stofebh@dns-net.ro
General Director: Eng. Stefan Campanu
Project Director: Eng. Maria Ciorobitca

Consortium componence:
■ ELKEDE- Technology and Design Center,s.a
Address: Greece, Metamorphosi, 12 km Athens-Lamia National Road, zip code 14452,
Telephone: +30 210 2855580
Fax : +30 210 2846471
e-mail: azar@elkede.gr
Manager: Theodore Giakoumakis
Project Director: Dr. Phillip Azariadis

■ The Research – Development National Institute for Textile and Leather
Adresa: Bucuresti, , 16, Lucretiu Patrascanu str., sector 3, zip code 030508,
Telephone: +4 021 340 49 28
Fax : +4 021 340 55 15
e-mail: certex@ns.certex.ro
General Director: Dr.Eng. Emilia Visileanu
In charge of the Project: Eng. Claudia Niculescu

■ Technical University „Gh. Asachi”– Faculty of Textile-Leather
Address: Iasi, 53, Prof. D. Mangeron str., section TEX 2, zip code 700050
Telephone: +4 0232-278683
Fax : +4 0232-230491,
e-mail: polytech@mail.tuiasi.ro
Rector: Prof. Univ. Dr.Eng. Ion Giurma
In charge of the Project: Prof. Dr.Eng.Emilia Filipescu

Address : Iasi, 2, Silvestru str., zip code 700090
Telephone: +4 0726192339
Fax : +4 0332414843
e-mail: manuela@diamanart.ro
Director: Dr.Eng. Manuela Diaconu
In charge of the Project: Dr.Eng. Manuela Diaconu

Address: Bucharest, 2, Leonida str., zip code 020555
Telephone: +4 0212103081
Fax : +4 0212103526
e-mail: casavili@b.astral.ro
Administrator: Geta Panait
In charge of the Project: Eng. Viorel Panait

Contracting authority (project financer):
Address : 313, Splaiul Independenţei str., sector 6 zip code 060042,
Telephone: +4021 3170907
Fax: +4 021 3170907
e-mail: inovare@amcsit.ro,
General Director: Prof. Dr. Eng. Nicolae VASILIU

Project duration: 12.09.2008 - 12.09.2011

Activities and results:

Stage I: Studies, analyses regarding the garment designing and fitting / I.1 Studies, analyses
Results: Research report/documentary study regarding the garment designing requirements and rules based on the standard and 3D anthropometric dimensions, and the analysis of the methods and instruments of garment designing and fitting. Data on garment designing, the actual level of the industrial actors – 1 piece.

Stage II
: The elaborating of the modular informational system of garment designing and 3D modelling/II.1 Model elaborating/ solution of designing and modelling informational system
Results: Research report/
Designing concepts (algorithms, routines, anthropometric 3D dimensions)
Software Kernels Modules-2 pieces
Experimental model of designing modular system– 1 piece

Stage III
. Verification of software modular system and prototype accomplishing/ III.1 Verification-Solution experimenting; III.2 Initial referential elaboration; III.3 elaborating of accomplishing technical documentation and technical-economic documentation
Results: Research report /
Checking/testing report – 1 piece
Task book (conditions of contract) / system specification – 1 piece
Diagnosis and prognosis study / Market study –1 piece

Stage IV
: Accomplishing - experimenting of software system of garment designing and 3D modelloing / IV. Designing , accomplishing and prototype experimenting; IV.2 Elaborating of utilization handbook; IV.3 Identifying and protecting of intellectual property rights
Results: Research report/
Software system prototype of designing, 3D modelling– 1 piece
Utilization handbook – 1 piece
Patent application – 1 piece

Stage V
: The reporting of the economic effects obtained by the economic agents/ V.1 The inventorying and quantifying of the obtained economic effects
Results: Report on the obtained economic effects - 1 piece

The project budget: 1 742 000 lei, out of which:
- from the state budget: 871 000 lei
- of co- financing: 871 000 lei

Contact data of the Project Director:
Eng. Maria Ciorobitca
Address: Buhusi,36, Libertatii str., Bacau county, zip code 605100
Telephone: +4 0748816248
Fax : +4 0234 265917
e-mail : stofebh@dns-net.ro ; maria_ciorobitca@yahoo.com