"Ecologic Cross-Border Operations for a Business Integrated Zone" – ECO BIZ

Priority Axis: 3 – Economic and Social Development – Economic development and social cohesion by joint identification and enhancement of the area`s comparative advantages

Key Area of Intervention: 3.1 – Support of Cross – Border Business Cooperation and Promotion of the Regional Image and Identity

- Lead Partner – Giurgiu County Council, Romania
- Partner 2 – Business Support Centre for SMEs – Ruse, Bulgaria
- Partner 3 –"Anghel Kancev" University – Ruse, Bulgaria
- Partner 4 – The Research-Development National Institute for Textile and Leather Bucharest, Romania
- Partner 5 –National Agricultural Research-Development Institute Fundulea, Romania

Project implementation period: 28.07.2011 – 27.01.2013

The project's objectives :

- Insuring the support for the cross-border cooperation promoting the local products and the growth of the investment level of the Giurgiu-Ruse region in order to create a positive image for it and diminish the disadvantages.

- Creating, developing and implementing a series of instruments to be used in the analysis of the social and economical development of the cross border Giurgiu-Ruse region and for the making of the GIS social-economical maps of the area;
- Insuring specific assistance on key aspects of the economical and ecological efficiency for the business of the area, in order to support them in the implementation of some sustainable efficient and ecological business methods;
- Introduction of an innovative set of measurements made up by an e-Mall – an on-line network of shops with ecological products, a virtual community (forum) based on communications regarding common business themes and an e-marketing platform for cross-border cooperation;
- Growth of the cooperation in the eco-business domain and the identification of the common points regarding the economical trade in the cross-border Giurgiu-Ruse region by having a common strategy.

Grupuri țintă:

- The business communities from the cross-border Giurgiu-Ruse region;
- 40 SMEs from Giurgiu County and Ruse District, that will receive free assistance and will take part at training sessions;
- 40 eco-producers of biological products and ecological services suppliers taking part at the ECO BIZ Fair;
-10 disadvantaged communities taking part at the seminary about the potential of the ecological agriculture;
-"Danubius Cross-Border Business Centre and the SMEs Support Centre – Ruse, Bulgaria.

Principalele activități ale proiectului :

- Launcing of the project
- Public acquisitions
- Information and advertising
- Analysis of the ecological tendencies of the business environment, training and information sessions
- Information points
- Eco Biz Net (caravan – seminaries in the rural communities),
- E-business infrastructure development
- Data Centre Installation and acquisition of the office equipment
- Eco-Biz exposition
- Clothing o the project

Estimated results

- 1 study regarding the ecological dimensions of the business in the region;
- 1 research study with the theme "Critical risks and present problems of the development stage of the eco-business from the cross-border Giurgiu-Ruse region";
- 1 marketing strategy for the promotion of the advantages of the area in from of the potential investors;
- Organization of the Eco-Biz caravan. A cooperation network between 10 disadvantaged communities from Giurgiu in order for the local SMEs to be trained on how to access European funds will be made, the Eco-Biz strategy will be disseminated, the concepts of ecological business and its advantages will be promoted, the best examples of good practice in the area will be presented;
- In Giurgiu County, 2 information points will be created, each of them offering free assistance to the persons interested to start a business. Each information point will be furnished; will have IT equipments (laptop, printer, Xerox, phone) and an info point with a special soft for business assistance.
- IT equipments will be bought and soft will be made, meaning:
●E-business infrastructure to be used by firms from Romania and Bulgaria;
●An e-MALL – with ecological products;
●A virtual community (forum) on business themes, an e-marketing platform for cross-border collaboration between services and goods suppliers;
- 1 multimedia presentation andthe publishing of 150 DVDs about the ECO BIZ concept;
- brochures – with the presentation of the project;
- brochures – with information about ecological business

Resposabil din partea INCDTP: Ing. Laura CHIRIAC
E-mail: certex@ns.certex.ro
Phone: +40.21.340.49.28
Fax: +40.21.340.55.15