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Advanced methods for identification of modern fibers

Programme: CORINT, Subprogramme Eureka-R

Contract: E!3272

Acronym: FIBRIN

Project summary:
The FIBRIN Project aims at supporting the SMEs from the textile sector in satisfying the requirements of the European legislation and of the similar one from Romania, in connection with introducing the textile products on the market and the consumer protection.
For the textile sector, the EU legislation comprises Directive 96/74/CE for designating the textiles (completed with Directive 97/37/CE), by virtue of which their producers or representatives should include on the product labels: the fibre composition of the textile product.
For establishing the fiber composition, there are used the analysis methods described in Directives 96/73/CE concerning certain methods destined for the quantitative analysis of the binary textile fibre blends and the Council Directive 73/44/CEE concerning the aligning of the laws of the Member States with regard to the the quantitative analysis of the ternary textile fibre blends.
In Romania, these European directives were taken over by HG (Government Decision) no. 527/2007 concerning the name, the marking of the fibre composition and the labeling of the textile products, and by HG no. 295/2008 and HG no. 296/2008 concerning the establishing of the analysis methods used for determining and verifying the fibre composition of the textile products.

General objectives:
- the elaborating of the methodologies meant for identifying the new yarns and their blends;
- the constituting of a data base comprising the characteristics of the new yarns.

- data base comprising the characteristics of the new yarns;
- guide to textile fibres.

The FIBRIN project results included into a data base can be on-line accessed.
• The web application is done in English.
• The data base stores the types of data mentioned below.
- Fiber Type
- Stability and Reactivity
- General Fiber Characteristics
- Physical & Chemical Properties
- Fiber structure/ Mechanical properties
- Spectrometric fiber identification GC/DSC/TCG Fibers Analysis
- Chemical fibers Analysis
• The web application allows the on – line performing of the following operations: search, display, add, modify, entry deleting.

The site is accessible to all internet users by accessing for demo to the address: http://www.fibrin.ro.
The site is accessible only to the users registered for the data base.
The identification is done by username and password.

These will be constituted into efficient instruments for the economic agents by:
• ensuring an optimum ratio between quality and production costs;
– enlarging the offer by introducing performance, minimum risk imposing products into the manufacturing process, owing to gaining a better knowledge of the raw materials;
– reducing the raw material purchase expenses by knowing the offer and optimizing the price – quality ratio;
– detecting the faults and the possible causes for these;
• continuously improving the enterprise processes;
• integrating the research projects into the company management;
• promoting the “Zero fault” tendency.

For achieving this project, a partnership was made up of the most significant forces for textile research, of 5 countries.

The coordinating institution: The Research – Development National Institute for Textile and Leather – INCDTP, Bucharest
Contact data: 16, Lucretiu Patrascanu Str., Sector 3, postal code 030508, Bucharest, tel: 021-3404928, fax: 021-3405515, e-mail certex@ns.certex.ro

Consortium partners:
• GRECIA: Elkede, Technology and Design Center, Athen
- Giakoumakis Theodoros
- Christina Eforokopoulou
• POLONIA: Instytut Architektury Tekstyliow
- Gabriela Dziworska
• TURCIA: Ege University, Textile Engineering Department,
- Necdet Seventekin
- Nilgun Ozdil
• SLOVENIA: University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
- Alenka Majcen Le Marechal
- Bojana Voncina

- SC Pasmatex SA, Timisoara, Romania – Maria Grapini, Maria Enache, Gh. Tampau
- SC Dorobantul SA, Ploiesti, Romania – Teodor Nemtoiu, Viorica Avramoiu
- Korteks Mensucat San. Tic. a.s., Bursa, Turcia – Mutlu Seven

The contracting authority: THE NATIONAL CENTRE OF PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT- CNMP, Bucharest, 21-25, Mendeleev Str., sector 1, postal code 010362, tel. 311.59.92, fax 318.87.63

Project duration: October 2004 – July 2008

The activities to which every partner had responsibilities:

I. Technical scientific study
II. Development of methods for identification of raw fibers
III. Identification of fibers in textile matrix
IV. Yarn characterisation
V. Implementation of the new methods
VI. Fiber experiments
VII. Developing a guide for fiber identification

 Project budget for the Romanian partner: 655.000 lei:
-from the state budget: 505.000 lei
-cofinancing: 150.000 lei

The description/presenting of the various experiments going on as part of the project:
۰ Workshop April 2006, at The Research – Development National Institute for Textile and Leather – INCDTP, Bucharest, Romaniawith the following papers presentation:
- “Chemical aspects of yarns” -Anetta Walawska, IAT, Poland;
- “Evaluation of yarns” - Gabriela Dziworska, IAT, Poland;
- “Elkede presentation and results “, Christina Eforakopolou, ELKEDE, Greece;
- “Tests on elastane yarns and fabrics”, Marilena Niculescu, Lilioara Surdu, INCDTP, Romania;
- “ Database for textile products” Marilena Niculescu, , INCDTP, Romania.

۰ Workshop at Ege University, Izmir, Turkey, May 2007 with the presentation of the following papers:
- Analyses of PES fibers- Mutlu Sezen, Korteks, Turkey;
- “FTIR and TGA methods for identifying aramide fibers”, Christina Eforakopolou, Elkede, Greece;
- „INCDTP results on elaboration of a guide for textile fibers yarns”, - Marilena Niculescu, Romania;
-"Results obtained from FIBRIN PROJECT 2004-2008" - Gabriela. Dziworska, L. Halaszczyk Piesika, IWIA, Poland.
- “Functional High-Tech Textiles with Cosmetic Activity“, Bojana Voncina, Department of Textile Materials and Design, Maribor University– Slovenia.

۰ Research Salon, Bucharest, Romania, 2006.

Contact data for parteners:
- Elkede: 12km National Road Athens Lamia, 144 52 Atena Metamorphosis, Tel: +30 210 2855580, Fax: +30 210 2846471, Greece, www. elkede.gr.
- Universitatea din Maribor : Smetanova ulica Nr: 7, 2000 Maribor, Tel: +386 2 2207528, Fax +386 2207990, Slovenia, www.uni-mb.si,
- IWT: Piotrkowska nr. 276, Lodz, Poland, Tel: +4842 681 00 70, Fax: + 4842 684 23 00, www.iat.com.pl,
- Ege Universitesi Muhendislik Fakultesi Tekstil, Muhendisligi: CP 35100, Izmir, Bornova, Tel: +232 374 2868, Fax: +232 374 2869, nseventekin@textil.ege.edu.tr, www.textile.ege.edu.tr,
- SC Pasmatex SA: Str.Jiul nr.2, TIMISOARA, CP 300159, jud. TIMIS, Tel: +40256 490227, Fax: +40256 490226, Romania, office@pasmatex.ro,
- SC Dorobantul SA: Str.Mircea cel Batran, nr. 119, Ploiesti, Tel: +40244 400200, Fax: +40244 400208, Romania, secretariat@dorobantul.ro,
- Korteks Mensucat San. Tic. A.S.: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Sarý Cad nr.3, 16159 Bursa, Bornova, Turkey, Tel: 00 90 232 2191100, Fax: 00 90 224 2195622, mutlu.sezen@zorlu.com, www.zorlu.com.

Contact data of the project director:
Res. Marilena Niculescu, Manager Standard Departament, tel. 004021 3404200 int. 209, fax : 021-3405515, e-mail : certex@ns.certex.ro.