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Comfort and performance vs multifunctional textile materials in the domain of sport and leisure time activities

Budgetary contract no: 9, from October 10th, 2005
Subprogram: 2
Duration: 33 months

Numar proiect: C9/S2

Partner consortium:
INCD Textile si Pielarie (The National R&D Institute for Textile and Leather) - Angela Dorogan
INC pentru Sport (The National Institute for Sports)- Dan Boboc
ICECHIM - Alexandrina Nuta
INCD Fizica Materialelor (The National R&D Institute for Materials Physics) - Leona Nistor
UT Iasi „Gh. Asachi” Facultatea de Textile si Pielarie („Gheorghe. Asachi” Technical University, Faculty of Textile and Leather) - Daniela Farima , initially Mihai Ciocoiu

General objective:
The defining, substantiation and checking of the concept of oriented/customized multifunctional textile product in the domain of sport and active leisure time activities, by correlating a set of specific interdisciplinary objectives.

Specific Objectives:
- The creating of the project documentation basis - S/T, media, normative reference basis,
- The theoretical substantiation of the multifunctional and intelligent concepts in the relationship textile products – performance sport/leisure time activities – laboratory studies
- The checking in the laboratory of the concepts of multifunctional and intelligent – laboratory solutions for constructive types
- Pilot reproduction, for the laboratory solutions, of the multifunctional and intelligent concepts – constructive type prototypes

Acomplishing stages:
- Stage and trend worldwide, in the field of textiles destined for the sports and leisure performance activities; quantitative and qualitative interactions
- Functional and intelligent in the relation of textile products –sports activities
- Projecting and realization of variants of multifunctional and intelligent textile products
- Lab experimenting
- Realization of prototypes and cross phase testing
- Experimenting prototypes and dissemination

Layered composites made of textile elements with various degrees of thermal comfort, meant for the accomplishing of equipment for leisure time, maintenance, recovery; Functional models; Implementation ; Pilot stations INCDTP, SC MAGNUM SX, SC RO GALU
Costume for Sport Activities – Athleticism Child and Junior training (Girls, Boys); Prototype; Technologic transfer SC MAGNUM SX
Costume for sport activities – long distance athleticism Child and Junior training (Girls, Boys); Prototype; Technologic transfer; SC MAGNUM SX
Costume for leisure time activities and/or recovery; Prototype; Technologic transfer SC MAGNUM SX
Personal protection equipment – hunters and fishermen; Prototype; Implementation; Pilot stations INCDTP,
Woven textile material for martial arts; Training activity; Prototype; Implementation; Pilot stations INCDTP
Woven textile material for martial arts; Competition activity; Prototype; Implementation; Pilot stations INCDTP
Hosiery and underwear products with oriented comfort (thermal, bacterial, mildew, electrostatic charging protection etc) for performance sport activities, active leisure time, recovery; Prototype; Implementation; Technologic transfer; Pilot stations INCDTP, SC MAGNUM SX, SC RO GALU
Flexible textile composite for the delimitation of spaces in the carrying out of certain s[port and leisure time activities (constructive types of textile architectural elements, mattresses for martial arts); Prototype; Implementations; Pilot stations INCDTP

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International project that is correlated with this CEEX project:
Virtual Collaborative Design Environment /ECO-TEX-DESIGN France / IFTH;16 partners from Italy, Germany, Greece, Czech Republic, Romania; 4,2 M€; 2008-2010