Competitive processing technologies of textile and leather waste in products with high value added - IOTEXPEL

Programme: CEEX– MENER

Development period: 24.07.2006 – 15.09.2008  

Centrul de Economia Serviciilor si Industriei Bucuresti
Universitatea “Aurel Vlaicu” din Arad
Unversitatea “Gh. Asachi” Iasi
S.C. LACECA S.A.Bucuresti
SC Industria Iutei SA Bucuresti
SC FI–RI Vigonia SA Timisoara

Establishing the technologies of classical and unconventional processing of textile wastes of cotton/wool/bast in high VAT products and leather wastes
Accomplishing of the experimental model for thermal decomposition of wastes and of the activating method of solid product in order to obtain fibrous active coal

1. Substantiation of the technical-organizing frame for classical and non-conventional processing of textile and leather waste in the purpose of an sustainable and ecological textile engineering/ 15.12.2006
2. Elaborating a modern information system on textile and leather wastes/ 30.07.2007
3. Research regarding the assessment and the designing of solutions/methods of textile and leather waste recycling into competitive products with great value added/ 10.12.2007
4. Technological experiments, physical-mechanical , physical-chemical and structural characterization of a new classical and/or unconventional products with recovered fibres contained/ 01.07.2008 5.Functionality and utility demonstration of textile/leather waste processing technologies as competitive products with great value added, contributions on elaboration of strategy for textile and leather waste recycling/ 15.09.2008



- 5 new products

-1 new technology

- 5 studies

-1 patent registered

- 4 published scientific articles - 2 in ISI quoted magazines

- 19 presentations at national level

- 10 presentations at international level

- 1 proposal accepted in international programme