INCD-IE Bucuresti
Project coordinator
The Research-Development National Institute for Textile and Leather Bucharest
Director Proiect

Prof. Dr. ing. Eftalea Carpus

General objectives of the project
Design and production of an interactive electronic textile structure for the identification and processing of mobile, customized information, meant for the realization of smart clothing used in the civil, medical or military field
Through general, specific and measurable objectives of this project (according to governmental policy of social-economical development for the EU accession), following types of interferences are obtained:
Technical and scientific impact through...




- Clothing for humidity monitoring
- Clothing for breathing
- Technology for producing sensor with graphite electrodes
- Technology for producing piezoelectric sensor
- Medical monitoring service
- Book: Convergent notions used in textile engineering", ISBN 978-973-1716-022
- 2 articles, 1 in ISI quoted magazine
- 16 presentation at National and International Conferences
- 2 workshops organized
- 1 proposal in international programme



The phases of the project
1. Inter-disciplinary scientific study
   regarding mechanisms/techniques for
   the obtaining of interactive electronic
   textile (IET) structures
2. Dissemination of the information in
   multidisciplinary research and business field
3. Experimental research on the production
   of IET components
4. Researches regarding IET system realization
5. Demonstration of IET functionality and
   utility; dissemination on large scale