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Organic hybrid solar cells

Type of program and project
: Capacities, Modul III, bilateral project (Romania-South Korea)

Contract number: 405/29.04.2010

Finalization year: 2011

Project duration: 1 year and 7 months

Romanian Partner: National Research and Development Institute for Textiles and Leather

Foreign partner: Fashion Textile Center, Seoul National University, South Korea

Financing Authority for Romanian side - National Research Authority (ANCS)

General objectives:
The main objective of the project „Organic hybrid solar cells” is to develop the technology for flexible organic hybrid solar cells, base on multilayer composite organic-organic and organic-inorganic compounds on flexible structures.

Specific objectives:
- synthesis and physical/chemical evaluation of conductive polymers;
- formulation achievement of compositions based on polymers and additives for the production of conductive coatings;
- development of organic-organic and organic-inorganic nanocomposite structures based on conductive and photosensitive polymers and chromophore arrays for use in electronic and photoelectric devices;
- development of printing technologies with patterns and spreading finish;
- mobility action: visit of the Romanian delegation in Korea and the Korean delegation in Romania;
- development of composite materials based on conductive polymers and chromophore arrays.

Scientific and technical description of the results and degree of achievement of objectives

Working visits during bilateral project:
- Visit of Korean delegation to INCDTP during 15-18.11.2011 and 15-18.12.2011.
- Visit of Romanian delegation to Seoul National University: 3 pers. x 7 days during 20 -26.11.2011

Future collaboration:
This project generates new opportunities for the development of research themes of actual interest, which can be unreeled through national and international projects.
Conductive polymers can be used for corrosion protection, antistatic, electromagnetic protection, vacuum injector layer in solar cells, biosensors, etc.
Also the project is in the spirit of the INCDTP research strategy to develop new materials and textile technologies.

- General Manager, Dr.eng. Pyerina Carmen Ghituleasa, certex@ns.certex.ro
- Project Director, Drd. eng. Ana-Maria Mocioiu, ana.mocioiu@certex.ro
-Project Director from the foreign side: Prof. Tae Jin Kang