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eLearning Course for Innovative Textile Fields – Advan2Tex

Advan2Tex Project- "eLearning Course for Innovative Textile Fields", is financed by the European Program Erasmus Plus and was initiated due to the need of promoting specialized training for the professionals in the textile industry, in order to improve their competences and their knowledge regarding the latest developments in the field.

The Project Partners are:

INCDTP – coordinator, Romania
University of Minho – Portugalia
TZU – Czech Republic
University of Maribor – Slovenia
Technical University "Gh. Asachi" Iasi – Romania

The rationale of the project:

The strong competition in the textile industry on international level, imposes a better flexibility of the industry as well as the investment in education and the adaptation of new skills for young textile specialists. This is the reason for the need for enhancing the quality and relevance of the learning offer in education towards the latest developments in textile research and innovation. The Advan2Tex project envisages the development of new tools for improving key competences of young textile specialists: professionals in the textile industry, young entrepreneurs and students in higher textile education.

The development of this project offers essential, specialized information referring to the products and processes in the textile industry. On the other hand, the use of audio-visual aids, photographs, multimedia graphs on the eLearning platform will contribute to the increase of attractiveness of the course and to a better identification of opportunities for performing innovative textile products.

The main objectives of the project:

• enhancing the quality and relevance of the learning offer in training by developing of a innovative textile course and e-learning platform and supporting the dissemination of the project's outcomes;
• improving the level and the assessment of textile competences, including entrepreneurship, languages and digital skills;
• promoting take-up of innovative practices by use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), open and flexible learning;
• promoting structured inter-regional cooperation
• improving the capacities of organisations in the fields of training of specific textile target group
• promote entrepreneurship education, employability and new business creation, supporting the personal and professional development of the target group.

The main outputs of the project:

1. Innovative textile course and manual
2. e-learning platform
3. Training activities (organization of blended courses, joint staff training events)
4. A guide for promoting intercultural partnership, a guide for best practices in the field of the courses and a guide with new research and business ideas, resulting from the joint staff training events
5. Articles, events presentations, etc.

An e-learning platform will be performed within the project with the URL address www.advanetex.eu, containing 7 modules related to innovative textile fields:
o Advanced knitting technology
o Virtual prototyping of garments, 3D scanning, clothing for people with special needs
o New methods for testing textile materials
o Standardization of textile testing
o Sustainability of textile technologies
o Entrepreneurship
o Innovation management

A total number of 115 trainees will participate to the blended courses and improve their skills through face-to-face classes and by e-learning on the platform, containing the 7 modules with graphics and animations, special user accounts and dedicated trainers. These blended courses will contribute to the upgrading of the e-learning platform, based on the feed-back of the trainees.
A total number of 100 textile specialists will participate to the joint staff events, organized by each partner. They will have the opportunity to propose new business and research ideas for the development of the textile field as well as to conceive an intercultural guide, based on the partnership experience.