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Elastic bandages

General characteristics
The bandage containing elastomers is rectangular and flexible. The product is accomplished by technologies of weaving with special yarns having controllable elasticity, and natural or synthetic yarns. The fixing parts allow the product to be applied on various body parts by coiling, irrespective of location, form or measure of the impaired area (lower limbs, thighs, arms, etc). The main biomedical and biofunctional characteristics are represented by:
• controllable elasticity with impact in ensuring a corresponding unidirectional elongation allowing molding after body shape and adapting to the body movements
• adapting to the requirements imposed by the morphological characteristics of the different organs and to the typodimensional diversity of these
• easy applying under spiral or continuous sheet form
• Safety in utilization with elimination of allergic conditions
• Very good tolerance in contact with skin and adjacent tissues
• possibility of fixing on various body areas by using rapid accessories
• Post – surgical evolutive setting

- Endorsement for functioning issued by the Ministry of Health and Family, no. 139/2003
- Third prize at the Research Showroom 2005

Utilization fields
Recovering therapies following certain surgical procedures.
Treating and preventing venous thromboses, foot and venous varix ulcerations.
- The District Clinical Hospital – Timisoara
- The Orthopedics Hospital – Foisor
- The District Clinical Hospital – Vaslui
- The District Clinical Hospital – Bacau
- The District Clinical Hospital – Odorheiul Secuiesc

INCDTP, by technological transfer

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