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Nets for hernias and eventrations


General characteristics
The product is accomplished by knitting technologies, it is used in sustaining the abdominal muscles and has the following technical and biomedical characteristics:
- content of redox substances: 0;
- content of: NH4+, Cl-, SO42-, Pb2+, Ca2+: 0;
- cytotoxivity, genotoxicity, acute toxicity, tissue sensitizing, hemolytic impurities: 0;
- resistance to bursting: 4.1 kgf/cm2;
- easily molded in the surgical room;
- delivery dimensions: 10 x 10 cm; 25 x 25 cm; 30 x 30 cm.

- Endorsement for functioning issued by the Ministry of Health and Family, no. 139/2003
- The product is delivered as sterile.

Utilization fields
- The District Clinical Hospital - Timisoara
- The Emergency Clinical Hospital “N.Ghe.Lupu”
- The Emergency Hospital “Floreasca”
- The District Clinical Hospital - Iasi
- The District Clinical Hospital - Bacau
- The District Clinical Hospital - Odorheiul Secuiesc

INCDTP, by technological transfer

Contact person:
Eng. Alexandra Ene,
tel. 021-340.42.00; fax 021-340.55.15;
e-mail: certex@ns.certex.ro