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This conference is focused on the theme of nanotechnology applications in the textile field.

The following objectives of the conference can be mentioned:

- Demonstrating the potential of nanotechnologies and their opportunities for future development of textile industry.
- Textiles nanofinishing technologies for obtaining multiple functional effects: antibacterial, self-cleaning, sterilization, photo-catalytic, hydrophobic / hydrophilic.
- Developing opportunities for multi-disciplinary collaborations within the field of nanotechnology.
- Implications of nanotechnologies in maintaining the competitiveness of the textile and leather industry.
- Examples of nanotechnology applications in the textile industry: nanofibers and their use in composite matrices; electronic textiles and nano-sensors; nanocomposites used in cosmetotextiles applications.

The conference programme will consist in oral presentations of the submitted papers. The presentations should not exceed 20 minutes, including the discussions.

The papers presentation shall be delivered in English or Romanian. SIMULTANEOUS TRANSLATION WILL BE ENSURED.
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