Submit paper

All the authors are kindly asked to prepare a paper regarding the presentation that they will present at the conference.
All the papers will be published on CD and in the conference brochure.

Dealine for submitting the full paper: March 20, 2009.

Please send us the paper before the deadline, so that it will be included on the CD / brochure.

- Papers of max. 6 pages will be edited on A4 paper size, in Arial 12, 1.5 line spacing, on one side.

- The paper title will be written in capitals, Arial 14, bold, center;

- Two lines below the title, the authors (surname, name), the organization and complte address of it will be mentioned in Arial 10, italic, align left;

- The papers will be thus structured: Abstract, Introduction, Experimental aspects, Results and discussion, References.

- The tables and figures included in the text must be numbered consecutively in the order of their appearance in the text.. The data appearing in the figures should be visible (min. Arial 10), and the images should have a resolution of min 200 dpi.

- The bibliographic references will be mentioned in the text between brackets [ ] containing the number in the bibliographic list;

- The bibliography will be listed at the end of the paper and will contain the author, paper, volume (if needed), editing house, year of appearance.

The papers will be edited in English

The papers will be delivered in English or Romanian. THE SIMULTANEOUS TRANSLATION WILL BE ENSURED.