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Bucharest is the capital of Romania and, at the same time, the biggest city, the industrial and commercial centre of this country.
The legend says that Bucharest was founded by the sheep man called Bucur. According to other possible alternative, Bucharest city was founded by Mircea cel Batran at the end of the XIV century. The first mention of the locality appears in 1459, on a document emitted by Vlad Tepes, the prince of Walachia. In 1862 it became the capital of Romania.
Since then, it suffers continuous changes, being the centre of the artistic, cultural and mass-media scene. Between the two World Wars, the elegant architecture and its elite made the city to be called “Little Paris”.
At present, its population of over two millions of inhabitants makes Bucharest the sixth European Union capital from the size point of view.

The National Research Development Institute for Textile and Leather – Bucharest, was set-up by the Government Decision (H.G.) 1304/25.11.1996, by the merging of the Textile Research Institute with the Leather-Footwear Research Institute.
The Institute carries out scientific research and technological development activities, accomplishing, in the specific field, the technical and technological objectives of the National Program of Scientific Research and Technological Development.

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